The Genie’s Curse (Dark Fantasy Duology: Book 2)


Dark Fantasy Duology: Book 2Release date – 1/31/22 Return to the dark eluding world that brought you, The Beastly King. Ziki returns to her homeland and encounters a dark man with wicked intentions. The practice of dark magic is forbidden and when he uses his powers on her, Ziki becomes a terrifying monster– A genie. Sent… Continue reading The Genie’s Curse (Dark Fantasy Duology: Book 2)

Starling Wish


Starling Series: Book 2Release date – 04/11/2021 A companion novella set in the Starling world, where aliens exist and they’re searching for their mates. A crown prince of SaxZon is in search of his other half, he’s spent years on Earth trying to find her. Then one fateful winter, he meets her. A blossoming romance… Continue reading Starling Wish

Sold to the Green Man


Starling Series: Book 3Release date – 12/13/2021 Alien abductions are more common than one might think. For Stacy Jones, that’ the understatement of the year. She’s never fit in with the social crowd in college, preferring a good book and a night in to a wild party in the boondocks. Bored with the daily ritual… Continue reading Sold to the Green Man

Warrior Angel


My head tilts, and I have to squint against the sun because the man towering over me is bathed in an ethereal glow and looks painstakingly too beautiful to be real.

“Are you well?” His voice sounds like honey and chocolate. Sweet and tempting. I try not to shiver as my eyes meet his. Piercing bright green. Wow, he’s hot.

“Sure, even if you did try to bulldoze me over.” The retort leaves my lips before I can try and stop my mouth from not saying it.

©2023 Warrior Angel by E.J. Powell

Star Blood


Starling Series: Book 1Release date – 12/06/2021 When a young woman wishes on a star, she doesn’t expect her wish to come true. Her desires are granted in the form of two hot, alien brothers that need her body to save their race. She is never allowed to return to Earth and must decide which… Continue reading Star Blood

The Beastly King


Dark Fantasy Duology: Book 1 Release date – 10/03/2019 All Zapora wants is to have a home and a family who cares about her. But when she’s Chosen as the King’s concubine and added as the fourth member to his harem, Zapora isn’t exactly thrilled. There is a dark heart that lurks within King Maleek,… Continue reading The Beastly King

Tame, She Must


Never After Series: Book 1 Release date – 11/15/2020 One lone tiger shifter in the Amazon Jungle. One beautiful woman set out to renovate a supposedly haunted hotel. One electrifying romance between the two. Can they overcome their differences and ignite the fiery passion they feel for one another? This dark urban fantasy retelling of… Continue reading Tame, She Must