Tarnished Halo

Angels’ Realm series: Book 2

Release date: 11/08/2022

Angels walk among us.

They are everywhere, helping to guide our every step even after death.

Love is forbidden in the Heavenly Realm.

What would you do to be with the one you treasure?

The one you cherish?

Jezebel learned the hard lesson.

She fell in love.




Angels’ Realm series

Book 1: The Unseen Protector

Book 1: The Unseen Protector graphic novel (December 2022/ January 2023)

Book 2: Tarnished Halo

Book 3: Warrior Angel (coming soon)

Book 4: Falling For Grace (coming soon)

Book 5: Hell’s Angel (coming soon)

Book 6: The Unseen Guide (coming soon)

Book 7: The Protector (coming soon)

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