Rage, He Will

A Tame, She Must Novella
Release date – March 12th, 2023

Rage, He Will features two stories set in the same world as Tame, She Must

Rage, He Will: The prequel that explains what happened to Shama’s beloved and how he handled her death in his grief.

Festival of Lights: Tells us what happens several months after Tame, She Must and how Midhuna and Shama learn to coexist in her family’s household. Shama and Bivan must learn to adapt to the human world once again, and what better way to do that than to join Midhuna’s family for the Diwali Festival?

In reading order of series:

Prequel: Rage, He Will
Book 1: Tame, She Must
Book 1.5: Festival of Lights

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