Warrior Angel

Angels’ Realm: Book 3
Release date – April 1st, 2023

Angels walk among us.
They are everywhere, helping to guide our every step even after death.

Archangel Michael is given a special assignment, one that he cannot do alone. He must find someone worthy of pure in heart and spirit in order to find an Angel’s missing armor.

Ivy is just you’re average college student that is spending her last few weeks of freedom in Rome with her two best friends before she gets married.

Michael and Ivy go on the adventure of a lifetime as they head to unknown destinations to find the missing pieces of armor, hack away at Shadow Demons that are around every corner, and fight off the attraction that is sizzling between them.

Can they find the missing armor in time?

Angels’ Realm Series

Book 1: The Unseen Protector

Book 2: Tarnished Halo

Book 3: Warrior Angel

Book 4: Falling For Grace

Book 5: Hell’s Angel

Book 6: The Unseen Guide

Book 7: The Protector

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