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Welcome, fair & just readers to the first ever blog post where I (E.J.) will be going over upcoming releases, latest book reads, and giving you sneak peeks of upcoming covers for anthology sets I’ll be in, and new releases that’ll sure to give your head a spin!

So as this will be moreover an introductory post to my website, I figured I would start with the basics. As I’m not one to talk about myself too often, I had the audacity to assume that the readers would naturally want to know a bit about the author they will be reading different worlds from.

My name is E.J. Powell. I was born in Michigan, USA in 1994. Growing up, the outside world was bleak and lonely indeed, however it did not stop me from wanting to pursue my goals to finding what I am good at. Or whatever I could do best. I’m still trying to figure that out (27 years later).

By the time I became a teenager, I thought things were going to get better. They unfortunately did not. From the ages of nine-fourteen, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and told to wear a back-brace for the duration of those years. By the time I was fourteen and fifteen, I had to undergo knee surgery (one on each knee) for ACL cadaver replacements.

And then, a week before I turned sixteen, on my father’s birthday, I was sent into the hospital for scoliosis spinal surgery. Two stainless steel rods placed on either side of my spine. While I was in recovery, I died for three seconds and got to glimpse Heaven.

As a Christian, my beliefs had been waning as I had never heard the voice of God, until after my brief experience with Heaven. I saw the streets paved with gold so bright it was like looking into the sun without needing sunglasses to ward off the light. The pearly gates were so beautiful and arched high above my head, the pearls the size of a man’s fist, each one so exquisite. Then I saw Jesus’ hand reach out to pat me on the head, the nail-sized hole in his palm confirmed my beliefs– Jesus told me to return home for my time had not come.

When I woke, my life had been forever changed after that experience.

Since then, at sixteen I was in a modeling/acting class for six months, graduated high school at seventeen, and couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with my life. So, I went to a local college for a Creative writing degree along with Theater for two years. Got hitched in 2019.

I’m sure we all have dreams when we’re younger, mine were as follows: Missionary and Veterinarian. As I got older, I was a picky eater and couldn’t talk in front of crowds nor could I perform surgery or put an animal down. Those jobs seemed fruitless so I began my search during my early twenties to find out what my life could become.

From working as a cashier at Five Below; as a delivery driver at Hungry Howie’s, to working at a local bookstore, to caregiving, to even working as a tax collections’ agent. I thought there had to be more to life than this.

So, at seventeen, I found a popular writing website: Wattpad. http://www.wattpad.com and since then I knew story telling had to be a passion of mine. I was already an avid reader, so why not create my own world, my own stories to share with others?

And here we are! Ten years later and I’m finally getting on my feet to bring my work to life. I hope you’ll enjoy this special journey with me as we discover the worlds together that I’ve created and that God truly is amazing during all this time.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Wattpad, and Bookbub.

Until next time, fair & just readers,

E.J. Powell

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