A Cursed Blessing

Release date: Summer 2024

Angels’ Realm: Fairy Tales: Book 1

A Twisted Destinies novel

Try to find the BLESSING in the CURSE

Angels are known throughout the world to use the power of a ‘blessings’ and bestow it to the mortals. However, one Angel makes a very horrible mistake that results in one’s blessing and changes it into a curse instead. Frantic to try and right the wrongs she’s done, Dara will do anything to fix the situation…even go so far as to announce her presence to said mortal and let him know why there’s a curse placed upon his head.

Can Dara right the wrongs of the curse, or will the mortal Jeremiah forever be plagued by frogs?


A Cursed Blessing is the first book in the Angels’ Realm: Fairy Tales. Also it is a Twisted Destinies novel.

This story is an original retelling of The Princess & the Frog.

Angels’ Realm
Book 1: The Unseen Protector
The Unseen Protector: the graphic novel
Book 2: Tarnished Halo
Book 3: Warrior Angel

Angels’ Realm: Fairy Tales
Book 1: A Cursed Blessing

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